The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare aids projects that contribute to the improvement and advancement of social welfare in Japan.


As part of such social welfare advancement undertakings within the Japanese government’s annual subsidy scheme, Intelligence Value Corporation (IVC) undertook the government endorsed “Foreign Long-Term Care Personnel Survey and Research Project” in 2017.


Our Contributive Efforts in Documenting and Translating the Outcome

The project yielded a document which introduces knowledge and techniques currently used in Japanese long-term care related professions, the fundamental thinking behind elderly long-term care, as well as historical development concerning elderly care.


The contents of this publication describe the experience of Japan, as it developed based on Japanese culture, lifestyles, and social conditions changing over time. Authors and IVC believe that this document will serve as great reference for people in Asian countries that face full-scale aging in the future.


Table of Contents

1. Basic Approach and Historical Development of Long-Term Care in Japan

(1) Basic Approach to Long-Term Care in Japan

(2) The Historical Development of Long-Term Care in Japan


2. Support of Elderly Peoples’ Active Daily Lives

(1) Elderly People’s Daily Routine

(2) Practice of Long-Term Care to Support Living with Motivation


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